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Leather belts | Nubuck belts

Nubuck belts to match


Leather, suède and nubuck belts to match at Belts2Match. Thé online webshop for your fashionable nubuck belts to suit all occasions. We love this velvet finish of our nubuck belts at Belts2Match. A comfortably and warm type of leather with a velour feel to it.  Are you that fashion conscious man or woman? Are you convinced, as we are, that a belt should match your outfit and/or shoes and other accessories? From now on you'll never again have to scroll through hundreds of belts and still not find what you are looking for! At Belts2Match you can design your own belts to best match your outfit. We have belt widths to match your dress (Skinny <15mm),  suit (Formal 35mm), chino (Chino 40mm) and jeans (Casual 45mm). Ad more style to your work, life, play and game!

Create your own Nubuck belts

Buying matching nubuck belts online

Buying nubuck belts online at Belts2Match. A nubuck belt is a sanded leather belt. This sanding proces makes the material more flexible and gives the belt it's characteristic matte finish.  We specialise in leather belts, nubuck belts and suède belts which can be designed to match any item of your clothing or accessories such as a handbag or briefcase. Our belts are custom made to fit your dress, your  suit, your chinos or your jeans exactly to size. This is only possible at Belts2Match. Just choose the outfit you want a belt for below and get carried away! It's as easy as 1-2-3.

1. Pick your belt width to suit your outfit;

2. Choose your colour to match;

3. Select your belt size;

Order your matching nubuck belts with some simple clicks.

Formal leren heren en dames riemen (35mm)     Chino leren heren en dames riemen (40mm)     Casual leren heren en dames riemen (45mm)       

Design your own nubuck belts

At Belts2Match you can design your own nubuck belts. We have chosen a nickel free trademark buckle and follower and leave you to choose the rest of the belt configuration. At Belts2Match you can choose from 4 widths, 9 sizes and 5 nubuck colours. A total of 180 nubuck combinations! Here you can order an identical belt in 4 widths to match your favourite shoes with your dress, your suit, your chino and your jeans. A bespoke belt for all occasions.

Combining belts

Combining nubuck belts, leather belts and suède belts has never been more cost effective. At Belts2Match we offer combination discounts up to 20% when you simultaneously order multiple belts. This way you can profit from the possibilities that make the Belts2Match product range unique. In addition: Free shipping worldwide.

Nubuck belts that fit

Here in our online shop you find fashionable belts. Belts2Match has a huge selection of leather, suède and nubuck belts. Belts that captivate with colour and material. Belts that match with your shoes, your bag or briefcase and your jacket. Belts that fit with your dress, your suit, your chinos and your jeans. Belts that suit your measurements.

In short: leather, suède and nubuck belts for male and female that match with you. 

Belts2Match, matching belts online

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