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Leather belts | Men's belts

Men's belts


A good men's belt should comply with many demands... Making the right choice is not easy. You want your belt to match your clothing and other accessories. A belt should fulfill it's tasks, but should also look good and match your outfit. You want to make a good impression at different occasions. Of course you want to be bold, original and authentic and with a clever belt you can accomplish just that! From formal slim belts to fashionable wide casual belts. At Belts2Match you find men's belts that fit and match.

Create your own Men's belts

How you want to wear your belt is totally up to you. Different trousers demand different belts. The width of a chino belt varies from the width of a casual belt for your jeans. Men's belts should be comfortable and smart. At Belts2Match you can design your own leather, suède and nubuck belts and order from the comfort of your home to your home with some simple clicks.

Be bold, be original, be authentic, be colourful with Belts2Match.

Leather Mens Belts

Design your own men's belts

At Belts2Match it's you who chooses what men's belt you want to buy. The opportunities are virtualy endless. In our webshop you find beautiful basic designs. It's up to you to overcome the devil because you can fill in the all important details. Choose your colour and material to match. Pick your belt width to suit your outfit - Formal (35mm), Chino (40mm) or Casual (45mm) - select your belt size and your order is ready to be shipped worldwide. Buying men's belts online is as simple as that! 

Buying men's belts online

Buying men's belts online has become much easier with the new media. In the old days you would have to go to the local shop and be happy with what "Mrs Tattsyrup" had chosen for you to buy. Fortunately this has changed enormously. With a fashionable men's belt you can now express how fashion conscious you are. You choose online and you match at Belts2Match. It's as easy as 1-2-3.

1. Pick your belt width to suit your outfit;

2. Choose your colour to match;

3. Select your belt size;

Order your matching men's belts with some simple clicks and complete your look with our leather matching wrist belts / bracelets.

Ordering a men's belt online at Belts2Match is fun, easy and safe. Over the last years our webshop has build a loyal group of repeating customers. They know our belts to be of the highest quality and our service to be outstanding. That's also matching! We take your wishes into account and make the buying proces a pleasant experience. In addition: Always free shipping worldwide.

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