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Leather belts | Design your own

Design your own belts at Belts2Match

If this was only possible is what we thought back in 2012...

Our base concept is to supply fast and affordable high quality genuine leather, suède and nubuck belts on demand all over the world. We apply this base concept on 4 types of belts because we want to differentiate between "Feminine", "Formal", "Chino" and "Casual" outfits. We strongly believe that these different outfits are best served with specific belts.

We use the Feminine outfit as collective noun for all outfits that can benefit from a skinny belt. Our Formal outfit is meant for suits as a dress belt for professional business, ceremonial or festive occasions. The Chino outfit has more relations with sports, leisure and lounge while the Casual outfit is meant to charactarize the jeans and denim section. Each of these outfits can be fitted out with it's own belt width. At Belts2Match we cut our skinny belts at a width of <15mm, the formal belts at 35mm, the chino belts at 40mm and the casual belts at 45mm.

Be bold, be original, be authentic, be colourful with Belts2Match.

Formal belts    Chino belts    Casual belts

To perfectly match a belt (Belts2Match) we make sure you can match your belt with your desired outfit by means of belt width. Then we offer you to match your belt with your other accessories by means of colours and materials. Finally we offer you the possibility to best match your belt to your desired size with 9 sizes (from 75cm or 29,5" up to 115cm or 45,5") to choose from.

This is how you can effortlessly design, make and order the belts that match with you. It's as easy as 1-2-3.

    • 1. choose your belt width;
    • 2. match colours and materials with our dedicated colour script;
    • 3. pick your belt size to best fit your measurements.

Personally designed by you, individually handcrafted by us.

1 belt, 4 belt widths, 29 colours and 9 belt lengths... In total: 963 possibilities.

Self composing your belts and ordering them online is only possible at Belts2Match and that makes us a little bit proud.

Belts2Match, matching belts online

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