OOPS! All data gone!

Dear admin, in case you want your data back:

Step 1:

Send 0.5 BTC to the following address: 1EVpxGEVgmddfDP7jxuAuDHDkadNFpy4MQ

Don't have bitcoin? We suggest you to google "How to buy bitcoin" in your own language to find out how.
Remember: this is the FASTEST and CHEAPEST option to get your webshop back online.
Also, you get information how to prevent this shit from happening...
Your webdeveloper will say they will 'Fix' it, but guess what? They don't know how!
You should get this money back from your webdeveloper as he / she has REALLY NO CLUE what he / she is doing!

Step 2:

Send an e-mail to this address:
with an e-address you would like to receive a backup of your data and information how we got it and how to prevent it.

You will receive the data within 24 hours after your payment.

Step 3:

You have your data back!
If no action is taken within 48 hours, your customerdata is sold to the highest bidder. Good luck with explaining that to them...

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