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Leather belts | Care and maintenance

Care and maintenance for genuine leather belts

A leather belt is a beautyful product to create both unicity and unity in appearance and outfit. You can decide to let your belt age gradually by consciously committing no care and maintenance. Because belts are far less exposed to water, salt and other contaminations than for instance shoes or a jacket it is often not necessary to perform maintenance. If you do choose to apply maintenance, or your belt needs some special care because of some "travel wrinkles" or stretching, we have a small list of tips and tricks.

In general

Genuine leather products are best kept dry and cool. There are different types of leather belts and these different types need different care. At Belts2Match we distinguish Full grain leather, Nubuck leather and Suède leather. Below there are further descriptions of the various treatments for the different leather types. Note that use of care and maintenance products on your belt might cause staining on your clothing!

Full grain leather

Here the top of the skin has been preserved and protected thus giving beautiful paterns with the natural folds in the skin. Care and maintenance of your leather belts may be limited to cleaning, rubbing in clear wax or vaseline, letting it rest and then rubbing it out. This can remove normal wear and tear and makes your belt flexible and shiny again. If there is some undesired damage on the belt leather (a scratch, pockmark or sanding effect) ordinary coloured shoeshine can also be applied.

Nubuck leather

With nubuck leather the top of the skin has deliberately been sanded to create that silky soft and matte character. Because of the sanding the toplayer has an open structure which makes this type of leather more vulnerable for stains. This means that visible traces of normal wear will appear sooner on your nubuck belts. If this is not to your personal liking  you can, as you would do with nubuck shoes, decide to treat the belt with a moist and dirt repellent spray. It is also possible to wax the nubuck belt. Treatment with a wax or vaseline will make the appearance of the belt darker! If there are still some undesired spots on the belt they can be removed with a small sanding block afterwhich the belt can again be treated with a spray or wax.

Suède leather

Suède leather is a more luxurious, softer type of leather. The term comes from the French word for Swedish. The Swedish people were the first to have gloves from this soft thin leather type which were called "gants de Suède" in France... Suède needs a bit more careful treatment than the full grain leathers and nubuck leathers. 

Suède has, even more than nubuck, an open structure which makes it even more vulnerable to moist, salt and other contaminations. For their protection suède belts, as wel as suède shoes, can best be treated with a moist and dirt repellent spray on first use. Careful brushing with a soft brush now and again keeps the belt in top shape. Any remaining spots can easely be removed with a pencil eraser. Some extra brushing, a new touch of spray and ready you are again...

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