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Leather belts | B2B

Business to business, how can we add to your appearance?...

Genuine leather belts are a classic and stylish product range with which you can create both uniqueness and unity in appearance and outfits. You can use belts to bring unity in appearance of staff, teams, brigades, club members etcetera. On top of this a belt can be a very personal promotional gift. The belts from Belts2Match are ideally suited for this purpose because they can be fully personally designed online and therefore no massproduct but always unique and personally custom made. Our online purchase module gives you all the necessary possibilities through discount codes to come to a suitable payment model. At Belts2Match you can choose from full grain leather belts, nubuck belts and suède belts in various price ranges.

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It is often underestimated how a simple leather belt can be a binding element in a groomed professional outfit and thus positively influence the quality perception of your customers/clients. Everywhere your staff or clubmembers present themselves to customers and public, for instance catering/events, front office employees, representatives, club and association members, professionalisme and solidarity can be displayed by means of our matching belts. We at Belts2Match would like to inform you further on these opportunities.


Naturally it is also possible to treat your complete staff (regardless of connections with customers) to a beautyful personal custom made product. Everyone can design their own personal belt on our website. Herewith you give a big personal freedom for an individual interpretation of your gift. Experience shows that this is highly valued by employees!

Business relations

What goes for your employees also goes for your business relations. Everyone preferres a gift that can be designed to suit their personal wishes and this will distinguish you from competitors. And isn't that what you would like to achieve with a business gift...? Unicity, distinctiveness and a possitive longlasting attention value through a sustainable natural product. 

Either if it's your front office staff that needs to look sharp and stylish or you'd like to treat your full staff, or selected relations, to a substantial discount on a beautiful quality product that is never out of fashion and of which you can never have too many... In all cases Belts2Match can serve you.

Also possible is online co-operation through our partner page.

Feel free to contact us on: or call our customerservice directly at: +31 6 21449911 and let us explore the possibilities together.

Be personal, be original, be authentic, be colourful with Belts2Match.

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