Valentine with Belts2Match

Giving and receiving presents is always a treat. Especially if these gifts are personal and hand crafted or taylor made. We should'nt need a reason to give presents to the people we love now and then but a few small reminders per year have proven to be helpfull to bring us in the right mood. Valentine is one of those reminders. February 14 is a worldwide day to celebrate love and to (anonymously) show affection and admiration to one or more persons you know.

This custom dates back to the old Romans of which is known that they celebrated a Lupercalia or fertility feast on every Februari 14.

During these feasts young women wrote their names on a card and put them in a bowl for young men to randomly select a card and be matched with eachother for the rest of the feast. In 496 ac pope Gelasius banned this pagan tradition and renamed the day to the Holy Valentine. Hence Valentines day as we know it.

Enough history. What has never changed is that people celebrate love, bondage and connectedness on this day. And what better way to celebrate this with the connecting elements by Belts2Match. Durable leather handcrafted Belts and Bracelets to confirm and emphasize the bond with and between people.

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