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For sale: Belts2Match Webshop and Domain

15 Friday September 2017


Always had the wish to have and run your own webshop? Here is the chance to buy a fully operational webshop in leather belts and bracelets.

Due to (fortunate) circumstances I see myself forced to sell the established brand Belts2Match "Lock stock and barrel". Belts2Match was founded in 2012 and now has a great (digital) reputation as a leather belt and bracelet shop after 5 years. SEO technically optimized and mobile supported. Belts2Match has 3 websites running online namely the English .com, the German .de and the Dutch .nl (country of origin).

Belts2Match offers an opportunity for an enthusiastic entrepreneur to expand the brand further and to franchise to other countries in the long run.

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Valentine with Belts2Match

29 Thursday January 2015

Valentine with Belts2Match

Giving and receiving presents is always a treat. Especially if these gifts are personal and handcrafted or taylor made. We should'nt need a reason to give presents to the people we love now and then but a few small reminders per year have proven to be helpfull to bring us in the right mood. Valentine is one of those reminders... 

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Truphone promoteam with Belts2Match

1 Wednesday October 2014

Our Dutch branch is taking the lead...

Truphone has, as main sponsor of Dutch Eredivisie footballclub Vitesse, put together a promoteam with House of Kent to bring stylish attention to the new brand during their home games in the Gelredome in Arnhem. The main colour of the brand and the logo is Sky Blue and only Belts2Match was able to deliver just that...!

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Belts come in all shapes and sizes. At Belts2Match we only sell quality belts and bracelets in full-grain leather, suède and nubuck.   We have a choice of 4 widths and 29 colours to guarantee you can find your belt to match. Furthermore, all our belts are available in 9 beltsizes so your personal belt can always fit as it is supposed to fit. But how do you measure your exact belt size...?

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Ordinary smooth leather is the upper layer of a tanned and painted calfskin. Nappa-leather for instance is such a full grain smooth leather.

Suède is somewhat rougher, but not as tough! Suède leather arises when a calfskin is "splitted". It is actualy the skin underneath the tanned and painted full grain skin. It has a velvet like soft finish. Suède leather is a more luxurious, softer type of leather. The term comes from the French word for Swedish...

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The perfect gift idea

16 Wednesday July 2014

You can probably relate to this...

You are invited to a party and it's no occasion for a standard giftcard or a bottle. This calls for a truly distinctive and personal gift. How about a self designed, fully taylormade leather belt? Now that is a custom gift...

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More and more enthousiasts start to also like our leather wristbelts / bracelets.

Beautiful as a solitair item, but fully coordinated combined with our various waist belts. Our wristbelts are, as are our skinny - narrow - belts, made at a width of <15mm, but sliced a bit thinner so the leather will supple triple twist around your wrist for a bold statement. A nice coordinated tough and contemporary look for both male and female, and...

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Distressing a leather belt

15 Sunday June 2014

Although new leather garments and accessories are nice, a distressed leather belt has character of its own. However, if you are a distressed leather lover, you are probably already aware that buying old leather garments can be costly...

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Another opinion:

Uhm, no. We don't know whoever came up with this myth, but we're suspecting the dude that invented the shoes-must-match-bag rule for the ladies...

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This is one of those "depends on the look you're going for" kind of responses.

The fact is, if you want to tie your look together for a styled and polished look, matching certain accessories - such as your shoes, belt and bag...

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